Multi Bone Split Kit (With Chisel)

This kit is designed for bone splitting at wild area.
It is consist of all component for those surgery procedure which doctors want.
Specially, our Spreader and crestal trimmer is unique design and procedure for those kind of surgery.
We have the patent for these tools.

Multi Bone Split

Multi Bone Split Kit
Multi Bone Split Kit with Chisel

Multi Bone Split

Patented Design


  • CREST TRIMMER : It is designed for making crest ridge flat.
  • DENTAL SAW : One body saw is unique designed for cutting corticle bone safely.
  • SPREADER : It consist of 2 parts. It is designed to make horizontal split bone by vertical force easy with wrench or hand wrench.
  • SPREADER EXPANDER : It is designed for enlarging bone horizontally with Spreader. Bone can be expanded directly with this tool in some indication.
  • CHISEL : 2 size and 2 type with comfort handle grip.

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Multi Bone Split